The Progressive Minds Preschool and Skills Development Centre

The Progressive Minds Preschool and Skills Development Centre

What Sets Us Apart

We want our children to be active participants in their learning process. The Progressive Minds nurtures all aspects of preschoolers development-  beginning with developing skills to achieving important milestones in instilling positive attitude that will form the basis for life long love of learning


About Us

We believe that if we understand how we learn, we can find the best ways of helping our children discover their full potential, equip them to stay curious, open minded, and be successful and happy in the ever changing world.

The unique, thoroughly devised MILESS Methodology is at the centre of our learning process. It stimulates the development of our children in key areas during early years as they develop their Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Social and Sensory skills with life skills at our experiential centre.

Our Curriculum

At The Progressive Minds, we actively involve our children in their learning process that gives our young champs the opportunity to experience, learn and achieve in an open ended environment, developing their thinking, problem solving, collaboration, decision making skills etc.


Love, care, Integrity are the core values at our Center!

A home away from home, we offer secure, safe, stimulating and positive half day and full day daycare programs for children from the age of 1.5 years to 6 years.

The early years are more than just physical growth for a child, but also when most of the brain development take place. Our daycare program works on the MILESS Methodology that will help the young ones to develop and grow with the age-appropriate experiences, and will also accommodate the social, emotional, intellectual needs of the child.

Active learning for a positive mindset
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