About Us

The Power of
Active Learning

We believe that children have endless capabilities to see and learn from things and experiences. This being the reason, why active learning is at the core of our centre.

Involving our little champs actively in their learning process gives them the freedom, opportunity, speech etc. to experience, explore, express and develop skills through various hands on learning experience.

With an all rounded, futuristic curriculum, qualified teachers, trainers, child friendly facilities, we create a stimulating, conducive, happy environment for our children to shine and grow. With the thoroughly devised MILESS Methodology- that helps stimulate the development of our children in key areas during early years-Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Social and Sensory

A safe and nurturing space for children, we keep the MILESS Methodology at the centre of our curriculum with our skills development programme being a unique way to bring a positive change in the learning process of our child.

Our Pedagogy

1. Our emphasis on HOW to learn rather than WHAT to learn
2. Focus on the skills and strategies of learning

We believe that learning is an active process, and not the transmission of pre-packaged information. With no focus on HOW TO LEARN and pre-packaged teaching and limited learning methods, lead to a inflexible mindsets at an early age that limits the curiosity, sense of wonder and ability to learn openly.

At The Progressive Minds, we want our children to be active participants in their learning process, and hence we provide them with multiple ways of expressing themselves by equipping them with the right mindset. This mindset will help them stay curious, open minded that will enable our children to adapt in an ever-changing world.

The Progressive Minds Preschool

Preschool experience builds a strong foundation for a child. The Progressive Minds Preschool nurtures all aspects of our preschoolers development – from beginning with developing skills to achieving important milestones in instilling positive attitude that will stay with our children for life.

We are driven with the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to develop a positive mindset. The innovative learning approach at The Progressive Minds Preschool helps develop the curiosity of the child and other important skills through our experiential curriculum that will give them a holistic learning experience.

At The Progressive Minds Preschool, every programme, lesson or activity will lead them to think, ask and explore. This value of keeping the curiosity alive will imbibe life long love for learning, that will help them gain a strong footing in the ever changing challenging world.

What Sets Us Apart


Innovative Skills Development Modules

We focus not just on academics, but developing skills that will form the basis for life long love of learning and lifelong success

Readiness for the next large step

The Progressive Minds Preschool graduates are equipped to handle the challenges once they step out to move into primary class as our curriculum is well versed with the local and international needs

Balanced Teacher-Child Ratio

Our teacher-child ratio is based on the age groups and the class, for better management, individual attention and learning

Enrichment Programmes

Apart from the regular practices, we offer wide choices in different areas that suites the child’s requirements and development

Flexi Programmes and Time

We understand your concerns, and hence have flexible options to choose for early learning so the child does not miss learning and fun

Nutritious and Yummy Meals

We serve in-house freshly cooked meal made from the best quality ingredients that will indeed develop healthy eating habits

Safety and Health Protocols

Nothing is important for us than the safety and well-being of our children. To ensure highest safety and hygiene standards, we have a Health and Safety Officer who is designated to check if the Safety and Health Protocols are followed for Covid and beyond

Regular Training Sessions for Teachers and Support Staff

To ensure that the child gets the best learning experience and care, we regularly update our curriculum based on the demands for development. Regular training by experts in the field are being held for teachers and support staff to keep them updated so the child gets the best possible learning experience

Active learning for a positive mindset
Want your child to be part of it?