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Love, care, Integrity are the core values at our Center!

A home away from home, we offer secure, safe, stimulating and positive half day and full day daycare programs for children from the age of 1.5 years to 6 years.

The early years are more than just physical growth for a child, but also when most of the brain development take place. Our daycare program works on the MILESS Methodology that will help the young ones to develop and grow with the age-appropriate experiences, and will also accommodate the social, emotional, intellectual needs of the child.

We have well planned daily skills development activity guides with a planned schedule for routine things under the guidance and care of well-trained teachers and attendants.

Our staff is well trained in first aid, alert and prompt in action. Regular trainings are taken up for the staff to ensure that there are no gaps left in our child care. Daily record is maintained and discussed with parents in case any abrupt change in behaviour, health etc are noticed.

Our centres are safe and well equipped with toys, books and learning aids, and are under CCTV surveillance. We have strict safety and health protocols at our centre, and trained people are dedicated to ensure it is followed.

Food is prepared in our in-house kitchens to ensure optimum hygiene from best quality ingredients to ensure children get nutritious meals throughout their stay.

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